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Like Violin, its predecessors however not like its relation the bowed stringed instrument, the string contains a fret less fingerboard. Its strings square measure hitched to standardization pegs and to an appendage passing over a bridge command in situ by the pressure of the strings. The bridge transmits the strings’ vibrations to the string belly, or resonator, that is formed of pine and amplifies the sound. within the instrument, at a lower place the treble foot of the bridge and impacted between the string belly and back, that is formed of maple, is that the sound post, a skinny stick of pine that transmits the string vibrations to the instrument’s back, contribution to the characteristic string tone. The belly is supported from at a lower place by the bass bar, a slim wood bar running lengthwise and tapering into the belly. It additionally contributes to the resonance of the instrument. The sidewalls, or ribs, square measure made of pine-lined maple.





Kids learn in no time throughout these early ages of their lives, thus giving them countless love and nurture can develop trust and security in them which might eventually grow to be confidence as they get older.

If your kid shows an interest for learning string or maybe reading musical notes, it is encouraging to provide him or her a chance to find out what violin is with us. We offer violin lessons in Singapore to assist your children learn this lovely stringed instrument in comprehensive ways.

When children perceive rhythm, beat and musical notes, they are of course learning a way to determine patterns, thus this can improve their academic skills such as reading and mathematics skills. Violin lessons for kids and youngsters may be a good means of serving to them get connected with music as it is beneficial for brain development.

How To Ensure That Your Kid Loves Violin Lessons?

Have you continually planned for your kid to be told the violin? Not solely as a result of it’s nice for reinforcing brain power, however conjointly for his or her assurance and long enjoyment?

On the opposite hand, does one concern that your kid might not just like the discipline of bowed stringed instrument lessons and apply, and should lose interest once many lessons?

Do you want your kid might be the one simply loves bowed stringed instrument lessons rather than the one dreads them and desires to be nagged to practice?

Why Are Some Kids And Youngsters Surpass Bowed Stringed Instrument Than Others? 

A key issue is whether or not the kid loves or hates their bowed stringed instrument teacher. Both teachers and parents play extremely important roles working together to understand how to inspire the kid as well as encouraging them for participating all music related activities. This is often crucial for success!

Our passionate violin teachers will guide and encourage your kid to get inspired from bowed stringed instrumenta lessons and strategic practice method in order to be good at it without stressed out!

Five Traits Of A Good Violin Teacher For Kids:
  • Makes lessons fun nonetheless difficult for your kid victimization totally different techniques.
  • Understands your child’s learning vogue and skills and uses the correct strategies to cultivate their interest.
  • Loves youngsters and is enthusiastic about serving to them learn.
  • Helps your kid aim to try to his/her best and reward his/her achievements.
  • Gives constructive feedback to guide and encourage your kid to try to his/her best.

Why Must Have Violin As Strings Lessons from Music LifeStyle?

Students have the opportunity to join our inspiring  Strings Ensemble Lessons and involve in both in-house and public performances rather than just learn and play as a soloist alone and sitting for grading exams!


Age : From 5 years old
Duration : 45mins / 1hr
Class Size: 3 Students (Maximum 5 students per class)

Course Outlines :

  1. Playing, Singing
  2. Playing with musical instruments in a small band
  3. Listening to the Classical music & Developing the perfect pitch
  4. Musical Pantomime Games
  5. Development of a sense of rhythm


Age : From 6 years old
Duration : 45mins / 1hr
Criteria : At your own pace
Theory : Grade 1 – 8
Examination Board : ABRSM(Grading & Diploma Levels)



Violin Indeed A Tremendous Bowed String instrument That Is Truly Enjoyed By Individuals Of All Ages Even As An Adult.

Am I Too Recent To Learn Violin?

Many adults have the will to be told fiddle. However, there’s perpetually a hard and fast mind-set preventing them from doing so- I’m too recent to be told music. Learning music is usually misunderstood to be for the young. However, will be} not true as adults will truly learn higher than youngsters! Adults can learn quick and intimately whereas children learn at a slower pace.

Adults typically complain of getting an excessive amount of work and thence not enough time to practice. However, if one practices the correct approach and systematically, time wouldn’t be a problem. Quality matters, not amount.

In fact, our fiddle lecturers prefers teaching adults than youngsters. This can be as a result of adult students area unit actuated and perceive the worth of your time. Additionally, adult students area unit learning attributable to their own need, not like some youngsters whom learn as a result of they’re forced by their oldsters.   



4 Obstacles To Learning Violin And Way For You To Overcome Them: 

1) Lack of your time:

Several adults such as you like to live a full life. You juggle work and family commitments, nevertheless still need to fancy leisure activities that assist you distress and cause you to happy. But, you’re unsure if you’ll realize time to arrange to string lessons. Taking personal lessons from our accomplished string teacher offers you the flexibleness to attain your dream despite a busy life.

2) Lack of Confidence:

Several matured music lovers doubt they will learn to play a device at their age. maybe you are worried that your fingers are too stiff, or that you simply won’t be able to learn as quickly as somebody abundant younger. Learning music keeps your brain match and young! the simplest thanks to boost your confidence is to urge a lecturer United Nations agency is aware of the way to inspire and encourage you in small stages towards your goal. it might be additional pleasurable and far faster and easier than making an attempt to try to to it yourself.

3) Lack of steerage:

Taking part in the string could be a specialized talent. It’s not possible to play it while not correct steerage from a lecturer. Some might question if it’s necessary to rent a decent string teacher from the start. It’s essential for beginners to create a powerful musical foundation, associated an old teacher will assist you do this. You are doing not need to develop unhealthy habits from the beginning, as they will become harder to alter as you progress.

4) Lack of Action:

Not astonishingly. Not taking the action to register for string lessons is that the biggest obstacle for not taking part in the string. With Us, Learning to play the string could be a Breeze we have a tendency to choose string academics consistent with your preferences, and realize you an acceptable string teacher United Nations agency will cater to your schedule and aspirations.

Advantages of Adults Learning the Violin:
  • Relax your Muscles

After an extended day at work, it’s solely natural to rest and relax. The key to having an honest rest is music. Music soothes and calms your muscles and brain, creating it simple for you to be relaxed.

  • Impress alternative

If you’re one whom likes to awe individuals around you, having a talent is that the answer. Individuals area unit typically surprised at musical ability, particularly after they don’t have it.

  • Learn to Manage some time

When coping with hectic work life with music, you may learn to balance sometime between the two. Able to set up ahead is vital, particularly for large necessary comes.

  • Learn to Coordinate with Others

When enjoying a duet or with others, you ought to coordinate and work with one another to play an ideal music song. Therefore enjoying the string can enable you to speak well with individuals.    


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