Violin Lessons For Kids

Violin Lessons for Kids Singapore

Why Should Every Kid Learn To Play Violin?

Violin is one of the most beautiful string instruments and played well, can tug at the heartstrings and bring unspoken emotions to the fore.

While these are wonderful reasons why one should start learning the violin, for the child, here are a few more compelling reasons why:

  • It inculcates discipline.  Being able to stand still and play the instrument helps to control the child and make him learn some discipline.
  • Playing in a group is great for the kids as they come together for fun – without their smartphones or tablets.
  • Learning to play the violin can help fine-tune the ears of the child and sharpen their social and education skills as they interact with the other kids.
  • The violin is easy to carry around and one can easily play anywhere.


Why Learn From Music LifeStyle?

Violin Lessons For KidsWe believe that you want to have fun and enjoy learning music.  That is why we have no stuffy, boring, strict teachers!  Only interesting and effective teachers!

We want you to be able to play music you love, not some music dictated by examination requirements.  Decide your genre, master the kind of music you love to play.  It is up to you.

We provide both group and individual lessons.  Why?  Because of You!  Some learn better in a group while others benefit from one to one attention.  So talk to us to find out what suits you the best!

Lastly, and this appeals to all people in Singapore, we know you love a bargain!  And that is why you will be surprised when you hear our rates.  Trust us!

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