Violin Lessons Beginners

Violin Lessons for Beginners Singapore

Violin Lessons for Beginners- The Most Beautiful Strings Instrument of all

It does not matter if you are a Child, Teen or Adult.  Any beginner can learn the violin.  You can start today with our individual or group lessons!

Each professional violin player will always start from zero. No exception for everyone even the world greatest violinist: Jascha Heifetz

Every beginner learner should humbly paying attention to the following as the foundation building:

  1. Right posture of holding a violin
  2. Way of holding the bow correctly
  3. Interpretation of music notations
  4. Able to tune the violin in pitch
  5. Intonation and hearing

Only with the precise playing techniques from qualified professionals, we are able to enjoy a smooth and enjoyable violin learning experiences instead of refusing of practicing as it may cause us neck aches or muscle pains.

Why Learn the Violin?

The violin is one of the most beautiful musical instruments around.  It does not just look good but it also sounds beautiful.  A lot of music has been written for it from Mozart, to Bach, to Beethoven and so on.

Who does not love the Violin?  But many put off learning the violin because it looks very difficult.

That’s where we come in.

Why Learn from Music LifeStyle?

Singapore Violin Lessons for BeginnersWe believe that you want to have fun and enjoy learning music.  That is why we have no stuffy, boring, strict teachers!  Only interesting and proficient teachers!

We want you to be able to play music you love, not some music dictated by examination requirements.  Decide your genre, master the kind of music you love to play.  It is up to you.

We provide both group and individual lessons.  Why?  Because of You!  Some learn better in a group while others benefit from one to one attention.  So talk to us to find out what suits you the best!

Our well-structured strings lessons taught by our passionate violin teachers will make each of your lesson enjoyable which make all our students love us and always inspired to learn more!

As our teachings are beyond paper qualifications, students have been benefited from all-rounded training through the lessons with us:

a) Boosting of confident level

b) Developing of performanceship

c) Charisma Building

d) Cultivation of Discipline

e) Ensemble Etiquette

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