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My 16 yr old daugter has been taking music theory lesson from Music Lifestyle since 2011 and we have been very happy. Having not very pleasant experience of wasting time and expenses with some local music schools and teachers, we didn’t expect much from Music Lifestyle at first but just wanted to pass the music theory grade 5 to take violin grading exam. The reason why I chose this one is after visiting number of local music schools, Music LifeStyle is the only one who can teach higher level of music theory. I had quite a confidence I found the right one at last and I was right finally. Starting grade 5 music theory and now preparing grade 8 theory, my daughter is very motivated to keep on studying music and she recently had scored Distinction for ABRSM Violin Grade 8. Music LifeStyle has helped my daughter’s aural part preparation. I, myself had piano lesson from Music LifeStyle and know exactly how great teacher she is. I am sure it is very hard to find such a teacher like Music LifeStyle who can support all the aspect what parents ask for the music teacher. Music LifeStyle is wonderful and has amazing patience and energy in teaching. I would recommend Music LifeStyle to anyone who wants to learn or progress their talent in Music.

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