(Alfred Joshua’s Father)

Alfred found music as a great company. He requested to learn music when he was 3 years old. Without doubt, we sent him to start learning music. That time, he started with simple music instrument, such as cymbals, maraccas, etc. Indeed this period stimulated him to dip into knowing more notes and tunes, harmony and rhymes. Alfred was born with a congenital hands, he does not have a complete long fingers. But he tried his best to adjust his fingers while playing the music. Through the patience of the teachers to fine tune with his music playing, directing him in such a way, teaching him the necessary technique within his condition, he is now able to present beautiful music parts and chords. Now as parents, we are so proud of him and glad when every time listening to the pieces he plays. We also enjoy the music together with him. As he continues his music journey with the MUSIC LIFESTYLE, it really inspires Alfred to further his motivation in music. Being exposed to the new features of music and experiences. Music Lifestyle has also groomed him to a positive motivation and have himself realized that it needs discipline, and practice makes perfect. Being involved in several exhibitions also help him to become more confident to explore his talent in playing the piano. Most of all, our great thanks to all the teachers at the Music Lifestyle, and our special thanks to his teacher, who has been a great coach to Alfred Joshua. Wishing Music Lifestyle all the best, inspiring life more..


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