(Meryle’s Parents)

My daughter, Meryle Chng, has started learning at the age of 4 with Music LifeStyle. Some people misconceive that learning at age of 4 is a bit too young. But after the first two lessons with Music LifeStyle, we can see that Meryle loves it so much. Teachers at Music LifeStyle are patient and gentle towards young children. Making them love musical instruments in their professional modern methods. 3 years have passed and we can still see Meryle looking forward to every week’s lesson. Through their professionalism, we can see that Meryle’s love of music and her confidence and patience is growing inside her. She even said she wanted to be a piano teacher when she grows up! We as parents are very happy that we found and picked the right music school for her. And we are sure that Meryle can work towards her dream under the guidance of Music LifeStyle. Thank you so much.

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