(Alfred Joshua’s Mum)

Music is always Magical…,Miraculous…, and Amazing…I still recalled a little voice asking “ Mama, I wanted to learn playing piano.” At that very moment, in fact I was thrilled myself to hear about it, deep down in my heart I was struggling and asking myself, if Alfred would be able to play and would his fingers been able to play reach the piano keys producing all chords well, would he be able to finish all the music lessons… There was worries in me here and there, if he could not make it, would it be even worst for him. How would I cope with him, and etc. Alfred Joshua was four years old when he asked me about learning the piano. He was born with a congenital fingers, where he does not have a complete and full finger formation. But everyone can learn to play something. I thought, I should not be worry too much as Alfred just want to play…so just Let him try playing the piano. He will also enjoy listening to the tune he made when touching the keys, and it will stimulate his creativity… So why not…But here he is today… miraculously, Alfred now plays sets of music. To which I formerly told myself, “ One day how I wish to hear some music pieces played by him”. Thank God that he does now. I am so proud of him giving his best efforts to try and play. I want to thank his teacher, who has been so compassionate to teach Alfred in music. Journey with him and help him to find a right technique to play and produce the music and tune well. Bringing his spirit and discipline him to play well, direct and explore his creativity to perform. Now, Alfred does not only think that he Plays Piano, but he Shares music with all. He shares the love and encouragement to people around about music, the inspiration and its bonding. Our great thanks to MUSIC LIFESTYLE, for being a bridge of Alfred’s foundation to music and endeavors him that Music is indeed Magical, Miraculous and Amazing!

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