Piano Lessons for Teens

Piano Lessons for Teens in Singapore

Learn to play piano, even if you are a teen

More and more teens want to play the piano.  Call it the Jay Chou effect or that playing the piano is now cool.

But is it too late for you already since most start out even before they go to school?

Sometimes starting when you are a bit older is better as you are more matured and you are learning because you want to, not because you parents said so.


Why Learn the Piano?

You play the piano to impress the girls?  Or charm the boy (who can forget the ‘Canon’ scene of My Sassy Girlfriend?).

Playing the piano is cool.  Classical music gives way to Pop – not any pop but K-Pop.   That’s the beauty of the piano  It is so versatile that you can play almost any genre of music.

So why play the piano?

Music brings happiness – not just to you but those around.

The piano is one instrument that can provide both melody and harmony at the same time.  Unlike the violin, or other wind instruments, it can be played with much accompaniment.

If you are a ‘performer’, playing the piano provides you an opportunity to be the focal point of a party or gathering.

But most of all, it’s fun!

Why Learn from Music LifeStyle?

We know what teens are like – they can never sit down too long or be made to do monotonous practice.  So our focus is always making your lessons fun and enjoyable.  Because if it  is not, we know you will not turn up for the next lesson.  That is why we make sure the teachers that we allocate to you are interesting and effective!  

Once we understand your musical taste and goals, we will help you to master the kind of music you like to play.  No repetitive scores or exam pieces.  Only music that you want to play.

Lessons are done either in groups or one to one, but we do feel for most teens, it is better to go for the private lessons.   Let us chat to see what works best for you.

As teens, you may have a lot of money.  We fully understand that.  And that is why you should talk to us as we have special packages just for you.

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