Piano Lessons for Beginners

Piano Lessons for Beginners Singapore

Learning to play the piano for beginners is not as difficult as it seems.

Many Beginners are always thinking that they are not musically inclined, or too old to learn the piano, or just cannot find the time. Our successful students used to think that too! But once they take up the courage to contact us and we show them how easy it is to get started, they start to love it and be good at it.

Benefits of Learning Piano Lessons with Us:

  • Master The Piano Easily & Quickly
  • Able to play Chords And Musical Notes in a very short period of time
  • Have fun learning how to play the song that you used to love so much
  • Personalized Piano Lessons According To Your Learning Preferences


Every great pianist was once a beginner.

Here are some simple steps to show you how easy it is to get started learning piano :

  1. Play notes using your right hand first.

Your fingers represent corresponding keys: the thumb is number one, the index finger as the two, the middle finger three, the ring finger four and the little finger as five.

Keep the sequence in mind because it will help you learn more easily as you progress. Also keep in mind that both your hands will not be playing the same notes so practicing one hand at a time helps you coordinate both hands better.

  1. Next, use your left hand.

The process is also the same as to the right hands. It is necessary to practice both hands separately to be able to easily learn synchronization between both hands.

  1. Third, play the keyboard with both hands.

Now that you have practised both hands separately, we will now try to play using both hands.

When playing the piano, try to keep your eyes on the notes that you are playing and not on your hands because it will only distract you as you play. Play not looking at the keyboard keys and your hand, and try to select the keys which are right for the note. Do these exercises more often to be able to synchronize both of your hands to play.

  1. It’s time to play Your Favourite Song

Select a song that has easy notes. Play the song over and over again to be able to master it and then select another song and do the same.

Learning how to play a piano takes a lot of time and effort. Constant practice and dedication is needed to learn this instrument. Anyone who really spends time and effort can become good at playing this instrument, as the old saying : “Practice made Perfect”.

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