Piano Lessons for Adults

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It Is Never Too Late To Learn To Play Piano Even If You Are An Adult!

Who says that only children can learn how to play the piano?  

We have many adult piano students who wished they had started earlier, if only they knew how unfounded their initial fears were. It is really never too recent or late to learn piano now.

Why Learn the Piano?

Do you always envy those guys who can simply sit down at the piano and start jamming out a tune or two?

Or how they can trickle the ivories and beautiful show tunes or classical melodies start floating in the air?

That is the beauty of the piano.  There are so many varied styles and kinds of music you can play.  And the best part is, you can never be out of tune.  You just have to press the right keys!

Seriously though, being able to play the piano provides you many hours of joy.  It can provide you an outlet for your emotions.  You can use it to woo your loved one, or get everyone around it singing carols or just fun songs!

But all this starts with you taking the first step to learning your Do-Re-Mi!

Why Learn from Music LifeStyle?

Singapore Piano Lessons for AdultsPlaying the piano must be fun and enjoyable.  If not, you will never continue in your piano lessons.  That is why all our teachers are inspiring and effective!  No boring, monotonous teachers allowed!

You get to play music you love, not some music dictated by the Royal Academy of Music.  Decide your genre, master the kind of music you love to play.  It is up to you.  Of course we start with the basics, but once you master it, the musical word is your oyster.

Lessons can be done either in groups or privately.  The reason we do it is that some of you learn better in a group while others benefit from private attention.  Let us chat to see what works best for you.

Some think that piano lessons are expensive.   So let’s just say, you will be pleasantly surprised when you talk to us.

Don’t delay!  Get started now!

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