Music Ensemble Lessons

Music LifeStyle Quartet


What could you expect from our ensemble lessons

  • Experienced and embark on engaging various on both in-house music activities and public performances organized by the academy as a ensemble player.
  • Nurtured in teamwork skills developed through sharing and creating music as a team with like-minded musicians at the ensemble.
  • Learn skills balancing, intonation, rhythm, etiquette of ensemble playing as well as interpreting the gestures given by conductor for an ensemble or orchestra.
  • Ensemble playing has indirectly reinforced what students learned through their individual lessons and realized the room of improvements which inspires them to better appreciate the music learning journey which is cannot be achieved just by the individual lesson itself!


Music LifeStyle Academy forms our very own music classical performing group, also known as a Strings Ensemble and Guitar Ensemble

We offers ABRSM Ensemble Exams preparatory lessons :

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