Guitar Lessons for Teens

Guitar Lessons for Teens Singapore

Realize Your Musical Dreams With Us!

If you are looking to pick up a guitar for recreation purpose, you are in for more than a treat! Our professional instructors are fun and engaging and they are here to ensure that at the end of the day you get to discover the rhythm and realize your dreams!

What will you learn during guitar lessons?

  • Proper Techniques in Guitar Playing
  • Ability To Read Musical Notes And Guitar Tablature
  • Extensive Chord Knowledge and Chord Progressions
  • Basic Music Rudiments and Musical Terms
  • Comprehensive Study of Finger Picking Styles
  • Wide Repertoire of Pop, Pop Rock, and Other Contemporary Music

What can you expect from our teachers?

  • Evaluate and teach you according to your learning abilities
  • Inspire and motivate you as a budding mentorship
  • Introduce a variety of guitar music to you to expand your horizons and develop you as a well-rounded guitarist
  • Give constructive feedback to motivate you to be your best

Perfect for teens aged between 13 – 18 years old.

Don’t waste your time surfing websites, because no website can show you the musical experience! Talk to us personally and come on down to experience it yourself! CONTACT US TODAY – WE RESPOND WITHIN 24 HOURS!


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