Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Guitar Lessons for Beginners in SIngapore

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

There are lots of places on the internet where you can find free guitar lessons for beginners.

The question is – where is the best place for a beginner guitar player to start learning the guitar?

Well, learning the tones and semitones is very important, because that explains how your fretboard works. That’s definitely a topic every beginner needs to cover, however if you’re just getting started, chances are you just want to learn a few chords and start playing something already!

So what arSingapore Guitar Lessons For Beginnerse the most important chords for any guitar player to start with? I’d recommend just six chords: G, C, D, Em, Am and Bm as those are all the chords in the key of G, giving you access to hundreds of popular songs.

Now all this may start to sound bewildering to you.

That is why we believe that while you may be able to pick up an online course or even free Youtube videos to learn how to start playing the guitar, there is no substitute for lessons where you actually meet the teacher.

There are private lessons and group lessons for guitar learning.  You just have to pick which one suits your budget, learning style and convenience.  Learning one to one is great if you require personal attention but learning in a group can be fun and rewarding.

So Which Guitar Class is Best for Me?

If you found this page online, you would most probably have been doing your research and wondering what do you choose, since there are so many choices out in the market.

The key is to find a class where you feel comfortable with the teacher and know that they always have your best interest at heart.  You want to also find teachers that can help you achieve your goal quickly.

We have a group of experienced teachers. Why not contact us today for more information and we will get you on your journey to playing the guitar in no time at all!

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