Guitar Lessons for Adults

Guitar Lessons for Adults in Singapore

You Are Never Too Old To Learn To Play A Guitar!

Stop procrastinating, stop your own stereotyping; music is for everyone and one is never too old to start learning to a play a guitar!


Many adults wish to learn to play the guitar. However, they are always stopped by a wrong and fixed mindset that music lessons are only for children. Learning music is often misinterpreted for the young only.

You will be surprised that adults can actually learn and play the guitar just as well as children, if not better!




Advantages of Learning the Guitar as an Adult

  • Playing the guitar aids to rest and relax. Adults will have something to look forward to doing at the end of a busy day.
  • By showing that you know how to play a guitar, you will make an impression as an all-rounder.
  • Some even sees it as an opportunity to perform and improve self esteem.

Our Guitar Lesson Fees

Our guitar lesson fees are affordable and ranges depending on what grade you are in. For more information regarding the fees of our various guitar lessons, please use the contact form below.

Taking Trial Lessons or Watching the Lesson

You may choose to either sit in a class to observe or take a trial lesson with us before enrolling with us. Simply reach out to us by using the contact form below and let us know your preference.

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