Young Musician Courses

young musician course


Our Young Musician Course series brings as young as 3 years old to the exciting world of music creating with age applicable inspiring music and activities. This cohort significantly enjoys creating new friends and being a neighborhood of a musical team. Within the cluster setting they need the chance to sing, play musical movement and dance games, expertise rhythm with body motions and tiny percussion instruments, play keyboard/piano solos for every alternative that helps build their confidence, and work on inventive and note reading skills with distinctive multi-sensory comes.

The cluster setting provides the chance to play keyboard ensembles that facilitate develop a wider note reading vary and a powerful feeling for swinging pulse. The category additionally learns the way to orchestrate ensembles and listen for balance between the components.

Solfege singing is employed to expertise melodic and harmonic ear coaching. Children inspired to sing after they play to assist develop “inner hearing” and awareness of musical flow, quality, and dynamics. All note reading activities encourage reading in patterns and phrases.

Children become attentive to chord progressions initial through singing and listening games – then as they play their solo repertoire. Eventually, they learn to use totally different accompaniment designs and add their own harmony to melodies as they progress through the program.  They are inspired to develop their power through composing comes and lyric writing. This cohort additionally experiences several musical designs and enjoys learning regarding music history and lives of the composers.

Parents or caregivers actively concerned in categories and therefore the family is inspired to share in reception music creating.

Our goal is to supply sturdy art coaching, tutored by our highly qualified early childhood pedagogy instructors. We will offer the strongest musical model for his or her students and impart the thrill of learning with energy and enthusiasm.



We offers fun and academic music categories for kids, together with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Etc.

The largest music program for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers is currently in Singapore. We have a tendency to helps kids to foster an appreciation of music to last a time period. The music categories enhance children’s development whereas they are having fun. Children participate during a fastidiously planned and serial program.

The program lasts for nearly 2 years, reckoning on the age of the kid, with every year generally consisting of nearly forty four lessons. The Toddlers music program cowl sure material, designed for the event learning talents applicable to the age of the kids within the program. The programme for every level is rigorously meshed and paced to the skills and learning designs for that exact age.

Singapore maybe small but it’s big on musical talent with no short of excellent music schools like Music LifeStyle Academy. So, clearly there are huge benefits to learning to play an instrument. It is a wonderful life skillset that will always serve you well at parties, functions or even Valentine’s Day!  

Age Range: Beginner Aged from 3
Course Duration : 4 books ( 6 months per book/level)

This program introduces music for children between the ages of 3 years. It features a variety of activities that children in the 21st century need for brain development and acceleration. It also involves children on a number of levels, which leaves ample room for them to establish positive relations with music that they will enjoy in their lives.


  • Solfege singing
  • Movement, dance and gestures
  • Rhythm, beat and metre
  • Percussion playing
  • Music Notation Reading
  • Keyboard playing
  • Musical games and improvisation
  • Ensemble playing


  • Left-brain logical thinking
  • Quicker reflexes
  • Enhances memory
  • Attention and Concentration
  • Motor Skills
  • Better mathematical ability
  • Improves reading and comprehension skills
  • Improves listening skills
  • Discipline Training



Comprehensive music education aims to develop the talents to play what you hear furthermore as written scores. As the talents needed to play what you hear area unit the flexibility to acknowledge the sounds you hear, to sing it in solfege, and to play the melody and accompaniment – having the ability to sing what you hear, and play what you sing.

Timely education refers to learning at the suitable physical and mental development stage. It is our principle belief that the golden age to create a robust foundation in correct pitching, swingy and instrumental coaching is from four to six years recent as a result of at this stage, the hearing ability of young youngsters is developing apace. That is why young children naturally and effortlessly get pleasure from and absorb music.

Group lessons facilitate the sharing of the enjoyment of music. Taking part in in associate ensemble with friends permits them to own a chic musical expertise and deepens the understanding of music. We tend to believes that cluster lessons area unit the foremost effective thanks to stimulate the emotional and mental development of young youngsters.

Our philosophy is to nurture the musicales that everybody is born with; develop their ability to make and play music; and encourage the enjoyment of sharing music.

It is necessary to appear at the underlying reasons a parent would possibly need their kid to require music lessons Singapore. The necessary question then isn’t once to begin lessons, however what is the goal of music lessons Singapore for young children? As young children are not exposed to instruments so as to master them, the music lessons singapore serve to realize expertise and learn to develop purposeful relationships with music.

At the tender young age, these “music lessons Singapore” ought not to be extremely formal. A parent will function guide by immersing the kid in a very musical surroundings.

Music Lesson in Singapore for your children:

If you are on the fence regarding adding music lessons for your kid, note of the advantages that accompany music lessons like fiddle lessons for kids or piano lessons. He or she could have a neater time learning science, active courtesy including patience and cultivating into a team player:

1) Improve educational skills.

Music and science area unit extremely tangled.

2) Cultivate social skills. 

Group categories need peer interaction and communication that encourage cooperation, as youngsters should collaborate to make a crescendo or associate accelerando.

3) Refine discipline and patience. 

Playing associate instrument teaches youngsters to persist through hours, months, and generally years of follow before they reach specific goals. It improves patience and discipline.

4) Additional expose to alternative cultures. 

By learning and taking part in a range of instruments, youngsters will discover however music plays a crucial role in alternative cultures. To Illustrate, bongos and timescale could introduce youngsters to African and Cuban forms of music. Versatile instruments, love the fiddle and piano, will accompany a large repertoire of designs, as well as classical and jazz.



Age Range: Beginner Aged from 4 to 5 years
Course Duration : 4 books (6 months per book/level)

This program offers a wide range of musical experiences that extend beyond playing the piano/keyboard and a unique method that facilitates faster and more accurate learning.

Children meet their instrument right from the start, participate in story-telling and games, play percussion instruments and engage with music through gestures and movement activities.

Flash cards are used to ensure music literacy is developed from day one.


Age Range: Beginner Aged from 5.5 to 8years
Course Duration : 2 books ( 6 months per book/level)

This course is comprehensive and lots of fun. Essential skills are developed through finger taps, finger zips, rhythm taps, repertoire pieces, ensemble playing and flash cards.

The Primary Series uses the same methodology as the Junior Series, to suit the learning style of older children.

Contemporary and traditional styles are authentically recreated so that when learning even the simplest of pieces, students are exposed to multiple musical layers.


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