Violin Course by Music LifeStyle


Age : From 6 years old
Duration : 45mins / 1hr
Criteria : At your own pace
Theory : Grade 1 – 8
Examination Board : ABRSM(Grading & Diploma Levels)



Age Range: Beginner Aged 6 to 8 years
Course Duration : 2 books ( 6 months per book/level)

The program offers every aspect of learning and teaching. It features two levels Music Maestros course books for each of Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass, which are a dynamic resource for group and individuals.

Our teaching methods:

:: The use of finger zip (small pieces that develop playing skills on a micro level)
:: Movement and gesture activities
:: Elementary improvisation and flexibility workouts

Audio materials are provide in an aural model that involves students and maintains their focus. Contemporary and traditional are authentically recreated so that when learning even the simplest of pieces, students are exposed to multiple musical layers. The different styles of music within this program include Baroque, Classical, Reggae, Tango, Rock & Boogie.

Features include:

:: Fiddle Zips- small pieces that develop playing skills on a micro level
:: Repertoire Pieces- Solo Performance pieces
:: Finger Maps
:: Daily Warm-Up
:: Ensemble Options
:: Scales

The comprehensive course materials provide teachers with the flexibility of regulate lessons. With the inclusion of piano accompaniments with extension parts for violin, viola and cello add depth to an already to an already comprehensive program.