Home Music Lessons

Home Music Lesson by Music LifeStyle

Why Home@Music LifeStyle?  


  • Music syllabi are designed and structured for targeted aged group.
  • SAVING! Eliminate travelling time, transportation fee and even parking fees
  • Quality home piano lessons guaranteed conducted by our Professional, Qualified & Well-trained Educators.
  • Having 1hr lesson but paying ONLY 45 minutes fee
  • FLEXIBLE! Weekly LESSON but could be cancelled within 24hours before lesson time via message/WhatApp during operating hours.
  • Music examination is optional, registration to be handled by us effortlessly for you and to be conducted at our exam center.
  • Hassle free, we planned everything for you to achieve your goals.

Why us?

  • Our team selected only cohorts of highly qualified and well-trained experienced educators only for conducting home tutoring.
  • Our educators are well trained in Music pedagogy and we specialized in early childhood music education.
  • Lesson structures are crafted and developed meticulously  by both our Principal Ms Kellyn Quek with our advisor, a world class Violinist/Pianist Dr. Ayke Agus, former professor at USC and Julliard School of Music from USA.
  • Students are encouraged to have lessons in the exam centre one month before the exam date without additional charges.
  • Trial Exam will be provided at no charges to Home@Music LifeStyle Students at our exam center.
  • We nurture and groom our students to become future educator by our principal and mentored by our advisor Dr. Ayke Agus a world class musician.
  • We have won ABRSM High Scorers’ award for both classical Piano & Violin higher grades exam before.
  • We are ABRSM official partner, we are well versed with ABRSM Exam syllabi.
  • Yamaha official partner, students are entitled for privileged discounts while purchasing the instruments from us.
  • Home@Music LifeStyle Students are allowed  to participate for both in-house and public performances.
  • Piano Tuning, Maintenance services, Instrument Rental and Mover are provided to our students at special rates.


Starts Your  Home Music Lessons with us: