Classical Guitar Lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons Singapore

Classical Guitar Lessons

  • Also known as Spanish Guitar.
  • Structurally, what differentiates a classic guitar from other acoustic guitars is the presence of nylon strings in comparison to steel strings on other acoustic guitars. The fret board of the classic guitar is much broad and it does not have a metal plate inside.

Why And What Will We Learn From Playing Classical Guitar?

  • Essential approach of mastering the right way of guitar playing techniques in term of holding & sitting positions, strumming & plucking.
  • It is the fundamental type of guitar for a beginner to start with.
  • Best to use for playing for song genres namely, country, folk songs and more as well as expressing our feelings.


Phase One:

  • Choosing the right size of guitar for a beginner: Full, Half or Quarter Sizes.
  • Sitting Position, Guitar Holding, right-to-left and left-to-right hand motions, and the motion of the thumb.
  • Basic Strumming patterns

Phase Two

  • Rhythm, Beat & Basic Notes Reading Training.
  • Basic Notes are 6 strings in a classical guitar and hence there are 6 basic notes (E major, B, G, D, A, and E minor)

Phase Three

  • Playing techniques namely: Natural harmonics
  • You learn how to play the free stroke and the rest stroke, and gain an understanding artificial harmonics.

Phase Four

  • Foundation knowledge to understand differences in pitch, dynamics, rhythm, and timbre.
  • Using of Metronome for tempo training.
  • Chord, Complex Theory & advance techniques of playing are being introduced.


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